Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hip Hop Honors: Dirty South Pt.2

Hip Hop Honors:Dirty South continued.

Next they honored the city of Atlanta. Among the performing artist T.I. ,Guccin , ying-yang twins, Lil’ Jon and Bone crusher,
The first song they did was “Wasted”, now granted I like this song, I don’t feel this was hip-hop honor worthy.Next was “I Ain’t Never Scared” I love that song, it was one of the first in the crunk music era. Then they finished up with party favorite song Get Low!

So finally they did the state I was waiting for all night, VIRGINIA! Producer from VA beach, Timberland was the specific honoree. I’m super fond of Virginia obviously being that VA music is the reason this blog started. Performers included of course Missy Elliot, Keri Hilson, Bun B, and Fabulous. Songs included “Big Pimping”, “Make me Better”, “The way I are”, “Get your Freak On”, and “Work it”. As a naitive Virginian I was a little disappointed with the repertoire they chose.I wish they would have done some older stuff, like Timberland and Magoo,(Ex. “Ups Jumps the Boogie”) or even his verse from “Are You That Somebody?”. I liked the clips of him talking between the performances.

Other honorees included The Two Livee Crew 0_o. They basically honored themselves.

Organized Noise, the people behind Outkast and Goodie Mob, were honored. Nelly,Ashter Roth all performed. They pulled out “So Fresh, So Clean”. Another spotlight moment of the show was when Asther Roth came out and rocked “It’s Saturday”.

To wrap up the show they honored the state of Miami. Trina, Florida, DJ Khalid were among the performers for that set.

***Side Note: Also at some point Lil’ Flip and some others did some Texas stuff as well.***

Over all I enjoyed the show. I thought the structure was a little awkward, like the way they were doing some states alone, as oppose to people from states. If you didn’t catch you know VH1 is going to replay it. So try to catch it and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hip-Hop Honors Pt. 1

So tonight, well last night by time I post this, VH1 showed Hip-Hop Honors: Dirty South! So being that Virginia was include I was extra excited. As a lover of music I felt horrible not knowing who some of the honorees were.

Well anyway, the show was broadcasted on VH1 and opened with Luke, Pitbull, Trick daddy and Ludacris honoring J. Prince Going with the of theme dirty south they had half naked girls dancing with stripper poles. J. Prince quoted that “ The east coast is a piece of bread, the west coast is a piece of bread, but the dirty south is the meat” . I enjoyed that quote, I feel the south as a whole doesn’t get much recognition for its music, and in actuality it’s done a lot. Anyway, The Game ,Juvenile, Drake, Bun B also performed for this honoree. It didn’t really excite me because I didn’t know ANY the music.

The first honoree that I could relate to was Jemaine Dupri, from the south side of ATL. As a producer he’s brought so many rappers into the game. Among them Franchise boyz, (Fresh in my white tee)Lil Bow wow,Da Brat, and Kriss Kross. Lil Jon ,Bow Wow , & Franchice Boyz started this set of performances with “Oh I think they like me “ and then Jermaine came out and spit his verse of “Money ain’t a thing.” I think the crowd favorite of this section was Bow Wow performing “Jump Jump.” They ended with “Welcome to Atlanta.” I didn’t understand why Diddy came out only to Lip sync his verse about New York… I thought we were reppin’ the South.

Next in line to be honored was Master P from New Orleans! Mystical, Silk the Shocker, Lil’ Romeo, Gucci man, & Trina all honored Master P. with their performances. The only two songs I recognized were “That’s cool” and the first hit of No Limit Records “Make Em Say Uhhhh. “ Side note – despite my non care for Romeo’s talent the boy is FINE! Pt 2. Will be up tomorrow, I posted some links to YouTube vids, of the songs performed, not performances,but songs performed.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So,after 2 weeks of interviewing artist, I'm thoroughly excited to bring our first artist interview to ArtistsExposed.

Mr. K.C Wildfiya hails from Halifax,VA but also has spent a generous amount of his life in Greensboro, North Carolina. K. C. brings a fresh and creative style to everything he does. This young man not only raps, but he sings, produces, play the drums, and has skills on the piano. Recently I caught up with Mr. KC Wildfiya and this is what he had to tell us about his music.

Artists Exposed: Tell us a little about yourself! K.C Wildfiya : I love music, it’s my life,I literally breathe it. I don't view it as something I just do because to me it’s more than that, it’s what I live for, it keeps me sane.(jokingly) I come from a family with a musical background so I've been around it my whole life. I fell in love with music around the age of 5, which was around the same time I learned how to play the drums.(for church)

Artists Exposed:When was the first time you remember rapping
K.C Wildfiya : My first time actually rapping was when I was in 6th grade and my friend and I performed the then Lil Bow Wow's song "Take Ya Home." We placed second place and later went on to do a show for the entire county, which was huge for us back then.

Artists Exposed: Aww, that’s really cute. So what artists influence you?
K.C Wildfiya :The artist that influences me the most is Michael Jackson and Jamie Foxx, my two idols. They influence me the most because they are more than just an artist, they are entertainers as well. Many artists today really don't entertain anymore they just say a few words of their songs and that's it, they show no true passion for the music.

Artists Exposed: Great musicians. I understand you write, what’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? Why?
K.C Wildfiya: I have many, but if I had to choose it would probably be "When you gone be my girl"(r&b) and One of these days(rap) because I love to story tell with my lyrics and I feel like those two songs can actually paint the listener a picture if they listen to the words.

Artists Exposed: What was your first live show/performance like?
K.C Wildfiya: My first live performance I remember me being extremely confident and as soon as I stepped on stage I immediately became nervous. The curtains were still closed and in my head I was thinking "what have I got myself into? I'm gonna mess up", but as soon as they called my name, the crowd erupted, which was a confidence booster and thankfully I performed pretty well. It felt really good to receive that type of energy from the crowd.

Artists Exposed: Well for those of us who can’t make it you live shows, where can we hear your work?
K.C Wildfiya: You can hear my work on,
my fan page on Facebook(type in K.C),&
Also when my mix tape(s) drops it will be available to download on

Artists Exposed: Anything else we should know?
K.C Wildfiya: Along with rapping, I sing, produce, song write, and play the keyboard. I hope to get my name out this year and my music heard by many different people and expand my fan base.

Well Mr. K.C, you have just been exposed! I hope you all enjoyed the interview and definitely take a listen to his music!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Undergound becoming Overground?

Recently Chris brown and Tyga collaborated on a mix tape entitled Fan of a Fan. Like most mix tapes this album has songs that are less censored then the music we hear on the radio. Well the other day I was gracing You tube and I noticed that Chris Brown had a video for No Bullshit as well as he and Tyga had a video for deuces.(both songs off the album)I began to think. These songs were off mix tapes not album and they had videos. In my opinion that’s intense for mixtape purposes.
For those who may not know the difference an album is something that is produced by a record label. It’s more official and profit is made off of it. Mixtapes are underground (without label) For new artist a mix tape might be composed of freestyles over another rapper's beat, remixes and original songs. For an artist that is already established they might use a mix tape to put out songs that didn’t make the album.
No matter what a mix tape its generally still and underground thing and there is not much to it but the music. But it seems that now mix tapes are becoming much more than unreleased songs and remixes. Last year when Drake released ‘So Far Gone’, there was a video for ‘Best I Ever Had’, and Nicki Minaj has only released mix tapes as a solo artists.
So what do you think? Should underground music stay where it is or be right in there with the mainstream? Well any who I do think in my Zone should be exposed, so follow the link and take a listen . My favorite song it is ‘Ain't Thinking Bout You’ Could Brezzy be talking about Rhianna?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello reader,

Welcome to Artists Exposed.I thought before we got to the blogging that myabe you guys wanted to know a little about me and what this blog was about.
My name is Jessica but everyone calls me J.Snyde. I am 21 year old college Junior obtaining a degree in communications studies. With this degree I want to get into entertainment broadcasting. I love arts especially music and would love to make a career out interviewing the genius minds of the industry
This blog will be dedicated to the exposure of good music on the come-up but more importantly VA’s come-up. I hail from Richmond, Virginia and have a deep a love for the music scene here and all over VA. I will also expose other forms of creative arts on this blog including dancers, graphic designers, potes, etc. Well I think that’s all for now!